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Missing Issues

Nonreceipt of any issue of Children's Voice must be reported within 12 months of publication or the single-copy price, plus postage, will be charged to replace the issue.

Address Corrections

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Material published in Children's Voice falls into two categories: Features and Departments. Features are relatively in-depth treatments of issues and events that affect children, youth, and families and those who work with them or on their behalf. The tone is feature-oriented—professional but informal.

CWLA publications, program, and policy staff, as well as experts and professionals in child welfare and related fields, write feature articles. Occasionally, we accept articles from freelance writers. Additionally, Children's Voice sometimes adapts or reprints timely, quality feature articles of national interest from other publications.

Recurring Features include:

  • •   Management Matters. Articles on effective management and leadership for those who head
         nonprofit organizations.

Most departments are written or compiled by the editorial staff. Departments include:

  • •   The Down to Earth Dad. A column from writer and speaker Patrick Mitchell on issues related to
         fatherhood and effective parenting.
  • •   Exceptional Children: Navigating Learning Differences and Special Education. A column about the
         latest news in special education from two contributors who work and write in the field.
  • •   Spotlight On. CWLA member and nonmember agency news, focusing primarily on program and
         practice innovations.
  • •   End Notes. Public policy alerts, news flashes, and a calendar of national commemoratives of
         interest to child, youth, and family advocates. The calendar does not include conferences and events
         of other organizations.
  • •   Leadership Lens. Comments from CWLA's President and CEO.
  • •   CWLA Short Takes. Important news about CWLA, reports on League events, and CWLA's conference
         calendar. Conferences and programs not hosted or sponsored by CWLA are not included.
  • •   National Newswire. Child welfare news from the states.
  • •   One On One. A question-and-answer interview with a member of CWLA's staff.
  • •   Readers Write. Letters to the editor.
  • •   Working with PRIDE. Stories from those using the Parent Resources for Information, Development,
         and Education program. More information.

Submissions to Children's Voice should be written in a feature-oriented rather than scholarly style. Authors should avoid technical jargon as much as possible. Readability is the goal. Marketing copy or other material that is promotional in nature or that spotlights a particular product or service is not suitable for feature articles or departments in Children's Voice. Those with products, services, or events to promote should consider advertising instead.

Articles submitted for features should be 2,000-2,500 words. Submissions of more than 500 words are discouraged for Readers Write, Spotlight On, End Notes, and National Newswire. The editor further encourages suggestions for features, guest columns, interviews, and new departments. Children's Voice is especially interested in submissions for features or Spotlight On that highlight new, innovative programs with proven, positive results or that spotlight success stories of individual children or families who have been served by the child welfare system.

Contributions to Children's Voice should be submitted by e-mail with the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of at least one contact. Unless otherwise specified, all materials accepted for publication become the property of CWLA. The editor conducts the primary review of all submissions, with input from the publications director, vice-president for communications, and CWLA program and policy staff as appropriate. Final decisions on acceptance or rejection rest with the editor. Submissions need not represent CWLA viewpoints, published articles do not necessarily reflect CWLA philosophy, and authors need not be associated with a CWLA member agency.

All submissions, including letters to the editor, are subject to editing for style, grammar, length, and clarity. Authors have a chance to review their submissions, as edited, before publication to ensure accuracy.

Editing and Style

All documents should be saved in Microsoft Word. Use a typeface common to both Windows and Macintosh systems, such as Times, Times New Roman, Courier, or Helvetica. "Exotic" typefaces can cause problems and delays.


CWLA prefers to retain copyright on all articles published in Children's Voice. Authors will be required to sign an agreement transferring ownership rights to CWLA. As copyright holder, CWLA has exclusive right to publish and distribute articles appearing in Children's Voice in English and any translations and in any medium, including but not limited to reprints; photocopies; and electronic media, including computer disk, CD-ROM, and the Internet.

If an author or original publisher must retain copyright, CWLA will request permission to include the article in any distribution or reprint of the issue, in part or in whole, in subsequent print or electronic versions, including but not limited to posting Children's Voice on CWLA's website or elsewhere on the Internet.

Publication Schedule

Children's Voice is published six times a year--January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, and November/December. Authors who wish to have an article published in a particular issue should submit that material or contact Children's Voice at least six months before the desired publication date.

Articles and advertising published in Children's Voice do not necessarily reflect the views of the Child Welfare League of Amrica or its member agneices and do not represnent an endorsement of opinions, products, or services.

Children's Voice is a registered trademark of CWLA.

Rachel Adams
Editor in Chief

Marlene M. Saulsbury
Art Director

Tim Murren
Graphic Designer

Karen Dunn
Marketing Director

Joseph M. Costa
Board Chair

Christine James-Brown
President and CEO

Linda Spears
Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs

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